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‘Merica Labz names the many new ‘Merica Energy flavors it’s working on

merica energy

It was already confirmed last month that ‘Merica Labz is launching a peach flavor called Impeachment for its incredibly delicious ‘Merica Energy drink. That flavor is due to be available very soon, however, in this post, we have details on what might be coming after Impeachment.

‘Merica Labz has now revealed the many other options it’s currently working on for ‘Merica Energy. The list is actually quite extensive and includes Fruit Punch, Lemon Ice, some sort of Berry themed recipe, and the slightly more unique flavors, Root Beer, Cream Soda, and Cherry Cola.

At the moment ‘Merica Labz is only working on those options, none of them are finalized or confirmed to be going into production. Personally, we’d like to see the brand attempt Cream Soda, as it genuinely nailed all four of its original energy drink flavors.