Top tasting ‘Merica Energy has arrived in Australia at Massive Joes

Aug 28th, 2018
merica energy in australia

Our current favorite energy drink, the impressive ‘Merica Energy from ‘Merica Labz, is now officially available in Australia. The product has not had any changes made to it for the market, keeping its same four ingredients to provide a nice energy kick with a touch of focus.

For those down under interested in getting their hands on the incredibly great tasting energy drink, the place to go is the massive retailer, Massive Joes. Through the store, a full case of ‘Merica Energy will cost you $59.95 (44.02 USD) which isn’t too bad at $5 per can.

Massive Joes is currently stocking all but one of ‘Merica Energy’s four flavors with Freedom, Make ‘Merica Grape Again, and the delicious citrus recipe, ‘Merican Made.