MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup is a one-of-a-kind protein snack

Aug 21st, 2018
met-rx protein snack cup

Recently, we were introduced to a new protein snack from MET-Rx, with its delicious looking Whey Protein Cookie Bites. As different as that product is, it’s not quite as interesting as the brand’s snack we’ve been introduced to this week, with the MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup.

The latest creation from MET-Rx comes with a chocolate hazelnut spread that is made using real hazelnuts and infused with whey protein. Inside each MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup alongside the spread, are mini crunchy breadsticks that you can dip into the spread to create a protein snack like no other.

met-rx protein snack cup

The nutrition profile of a MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup is far from the high protein, low-calorie profile you get in your typical protein bar or powder. Each cup provides a light 10g of protein, 13g of fat (2g saturated), 35g of carbohydrates with 11g of that sugar, and a hefty total of 280 calories.

At the moment, the new MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup does not appear to be available for purchase anywhere that we can see. As far flavors go, we can only confirm the one Chocolate Hazelnut Spread option for now, which has been pictured in trays of six 59.5g snack cups.