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Muscletech is launching an all-new pre-workout named Vapor One

muscletech vapor

Muscletech has revealed that it is launching an all-new pre-workout supplement sometime within the next month or so. It will feature a maximum strength, clinically dosed formula, and carry on the brand’s long-running pre-workout name Vapor, with its official title being Vapor One.

What we know about the upcoming Muscletech product so far is that it delivers a variety of effects including energy, focus, performance and better muscle pumps. As for Vapor One’s ingredients, there are a few we can confirm with the pump enhancers Nitrosigine, VasoDrive-AP, and a strong dose of pure citrulline.

Muscletech will be sharing more information on its new Vapor One pre-workout in the coming weeks, as the supplement itself is due to launch very soon.