Rumble Boxing partners with Performix for Rumble Juice

Aug 16th, 2018
performix rumble juice

Performix has partnered with the group fitness company Rumble Boxing for an all-new, co-branded ready to drink product called Rumble Juice. The product is packed with a rather unique combination of ingredients to deliver energy and recovery benefits on the move.

Rumble Boxing’s new Rumble Juice powered by Performix, is designed for use either before or after your workout. The supplement features added BCAAs and tart cherry for better recovery and reduced muscle soreness, as well as ashwagandha and 45mg of natural caffeine for energy and focus.

Availability of Rumble Juice is currently quite limited, as the drink can only be found at Rumble Boxing locations in New York City and Los Angeles. Sometime soon, however, you will be able to purchase the energy and recovery enhancing RTD through Amazon and Performix’s website.