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Primeval Labs says it’s preparing to launch the product of the year

primeval labs

Primeval Labs has confidently announced that it’s preparing to launch what it’s claiming to be the “product of the year”. For now, the brand has only shared a handful of details along with an image of the product, although the image is completely blacked out.

Based on the picture, all we can really gather is that the supplement is some kind of powder formula. As for the few details Primeval Labs has shared, we know that the product is for a category the brand “is not technically in” at the moment, which makes things even more interesting.

It’s hard to speculate what category of supplement Primeval Labs has up its sleeve, mostly because it says it’s a category it’s not “technically” in. That could mean a number of things, such as the product being for a mainstream category like a protein bar or something more specific like an extension of a category.

For now, we’re just going to have to wait to find out what Primeval Labs is hyping, although the wait isn’t going to be all that long. The brand has said it plans on launching the mystery supplement sometime this month, which if that is the case, all should be revealed within the next four weeks.

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