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Let Campus Protein pick your protein powder each month and save

protein of the month

Campus Protein has launched an interesting new subscription service called the Protein Of The Month Club. It is essentially a subscription that you sign up and pay for and receive a 2lb tub of protein powder once every one or two months.

The way it works is you choose whether you prefer a product that has a blend of different protein sources or one that only uses whey protein. You then pick your preferred flavor between Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, or letting Campus Protein decide for you.

The Protein Of The Month Club will then send you a protein powder it selects based on your preferences at the frequency of once every month or two. The best part about the program is that regardless of what supplement you get sent, you pay the same $24.99 per protein shipped.

Campus Protein has shared a few of the brands you can expect to see proteins from in the Protein Of The Month Club including Optimum, MAN, Cellucor, Nutrex, and MusclePharm. You can find out more and subscribe to the program on the store’s website at