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MyoBlox swaps beta-alanine for citrulline in its limited Rainbow Haze Loco

rainbow haze loco

MyoBlox has made another limited edition flavor of its pre-workout Loco, available for pre-order. The new flavor is the previously teased Rainbow Haze and like most of the limited editions we’ve seen from the brand, it features a slightly different formula compared to the regular version.

Overall the ingredients MyoBlox has packed into its new Rainbow Haze Loco, are quite similar to the regular flavors of Loco. It includes ingredients to provide a wide variety of pre-workout effects such as increased energy, improved mental focus, and enhanced muscle pumps.


While the formula behind MyoBlox Rainbow Haze Loco is similar to the regular version, there are some differences. On the strength and pump side, Rainbow Haze has dropped beta-alanine in favor of 4g of the pump enhancer citrulline, it has GlycerPump glycerol instead of unbranded glycerol, and a third less betaine.

rainbow haze loco

In the energy and focus department, the limited edition Loco flavor has even more key differences. It has regular l-tyrosine instead of acetyl l-tyrosine, no halostachine, and three added ingredients with Lean GBB (gamma-butyrobetaine ethyl ester chloride), caffeine citrate, and the stimulant isopropylnorsynephrine.

Overall it seems MyoBlox has put more focus on muscle pumps in its Rainbow Haze Loco, mostly because of the massive addition of 4g of citrulline. The few changes to the energy and focus blend will also likely give the pre-workout a slightly different experience, but it is the pumps we suspect will stand out the most.


As mentioned, you can now pre-order MyoBlox all-new Rainbow Haze Loco through its own online store at The supplement does cost a little more than the regular version of Loco at $59.99 for an 18 maximum serving tub, with pre-orders due to ship at the end of this week on Friday the 10th.