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Rule One Proteins unveils its flavored thermogenic R1 Cut 10

r1 cut 10

Rule One Proteins has finished off the week by unveiling the supplement it teased earlier this week, which we suspected to be some sort of weight loss formula. It turns out we were spot on with our guess, as the new product is indeed a flavored fat burner named R1 Cut 10.

The upcoming Rule One Proteins supplement describes itself as a thermogenic, weight management formula. It features ingredients to enhance energy and mental focus, as well as support thermogenesis and fat loss.

We have yet to see the full combination of ingredients behind Rule One Proteins’ R1 Cut 10, however, four of its main features have been confirmed. Those ingredients are a gram of carnitine tartrate, 25mg of AfraLean branded grains of paradise, 35mg of CapsiMax, and 125mg of TeaCrine.

Everything else you need to know about R1 Cut 10 will be released next week as well as the product itself. It is expected to be available first through the brand’s website in a 40 serving tub size and in at least one flavor with Blood Orange.