Dynamine powered drink coming to Australia from UPS Protein

Aug 17th, 2018
ups power shot

The Australian supplement company UPS Protein has unveiled an all-new on-the-go, energy product that sounds surprisingly promising. The supplement is appropriately named Power Shot and based on what’s been revealed so far, it sounds like the RTD is for a lot more than just energy.

UPS Protein has confirmed that its upcoming Power Shot will deliver increased energy, mental focus, strength, stamina, power, and performance. At the moment, the only ingredient we know for sure is going to be in the product is the increasingly popular stimulant Dynamine.

There isn’t any timeframe for the launch of UPS Protein’s Power Shot just yet, only that the promising energy RTD is releasing soon. With UPS being an Australian brand, the Dynamine powered drink will also obviously be released down under in Australia.

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