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A1 Supplements is coming out with its own line of products

a1 supplements brand

The major retailer A1 Supplements has announced that sometime soon it is going to be releasing its very own line of products. By the looks of things, the brand will be named A1 Plus and is set to hit the market with just three mainstream category supplements.

The types of products A1 Plus plans on starting out with include a pre-workout, a BCAA, and some sort of creatine formula. All of the supplements in the line are said to be rather basic and like most new releases, they will be fully transparent and not feature any proprietary blends.

A1 Supplements has shared a sneak peek at the upcoming A1 Plus BCAA (above), although it has mentioned the look isn’t final so some things may change for the finished product. The company has also said the supplements confirmed are just the start, with more to follow soon after they arrive.