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Impeachment ‘Merica Energy Review: Another top tasting energy drink

impeachment merica energy review

Back in June we finally got our hands on ‘Merica Labz incredible energy drink ‘Merica Energy, and become instant fans. Still to this day, we rate it as the best-tasting energy drink on the market, especially its apple and orange flavors Not Your Granny’s Apple and ‘Merican Made.

This week we were fortunate enough to get a hold of the first new flavor for ‘Merica Energy with the peach recipe, Impeachment. While we’ve never actually been big fans of peach flavored products, it may come as no surprise that ‘Merica Labz has changed all of that with its Impeachment ‘Merica Energy.

impeachment merica energy review


Just like how the original ‘Merica Energy fruit flavors taste like sparkling, candy fruit juice drinks. The same thing can be said for the surprisingly delicious Impeachment. It has this realistic, sweet peach flavor to it that hits right from the first sip and remains consistent from start to finish.

The experience is too good to compare to other energy drinks, as it actually tastes closer to some sort of peach soda than any of ‘Merica Energy’s many competitors. The only issue with Impeachment as well as any of its other flavors is that it tastes so good you’ll want to drink all the time.

impeachment merica energy review


While we don’t rank Impeachment as highly as ‘Merica Energy’s apple and orange flavors, it is still a great flavor and one that peach fans would likely enjoy. At this point, it looks like ‘Merica Labz can truly do no wrong when it comes to taste, which only makes us excited for whatever else it has planned for ‘Merica Energy.

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