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MET-Rx Snack Cup Review: A protein snack like no other

MET-Rx Whey Protein Snack Cup is a unique protein snack that the brand recently released that’s very different from your typical protein bar, cookie, or chips. It is a dunk style snack that comes with a pot of whey protein infused hazelnut spread that you can dip into with its mini breadsticks.

The Whey Protein Snack Cup definitely seems to have put flavor ahead of nutrition. A full pot provides 10g of protein, 13g of fat, 11g of sugar, and a total of 280 calories. That’s not quite as lean as the likes of Grenade’s delicious Carb Killa protein bar the packs around 21g of protein and 220 calories.

met-rx snack cup review


As you’d expect from the macros, MET-Rx’s Whey Protein Snack Cup is an incredibly enjoyable snack. The mini breadsticks have a crispy texture and a plain flavor, however, the protein enhanced hazelnut spread is the complete opposite. The better side of the product is a smooth, addictive spread featuring an unforgettably sweet chocolate taste.

The Whey Protein Snack Cup’s hazelnut spread is so good, it’s comparable to much more sugar heavy alternatives. The only downside to the product is that the spread leaves a taste in your mouth that forces you to keep dipping, and if you try to get too much spread on your stick, you’ll run out of one before the other.

met-rx snack cup review


While the new MET-Rx Whey Protein Snack Cup isn’t as clean as your typical protein bar, it definitely works as delicious protein enriched treat. As mentioned earlier, the trade-off of macros for taste does pay off, as the product delivers a flavor experience that’s beyond most other protein snacks.

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