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MyoBlox unveils its patented muscle building formula Supra

myoblox supra

MyoBlox has introduced an all-new patented muscle building supplement that is due to release in four days’ time on the 1st day of October. The product is MyoBlox Supra, which features ingredients to support muscle strength, energy recovery, and overall muscle gains.

Each two-capsule serving of the upcoming supplement packs 250mg of custom engineered and patented embryonic oligopeptides and naturally occurring growth factors. You can see the facts panel for MyoBlox Supra below further confirming the inclusion of its patented micro-peptide technology.

myoblox supra

As mentioned, MyoBlox plans to launch its intriguing muscle builder this coming Monday, presumably through its website We’re not sure on how much the product is going to cost you just yet, although we can confirm an entire bottle will supply you for a full four weeks.

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