GAT squeezes 10g of active ingredients into Nitraflex Pump

Sep 25th, 2018
nitraflex pump

GAT Sports’ upcoming Nitraflex Pump is a stimulant free spin-off of the brand’s stimulant pre-workout Nitraflex. It’s primarily designed to deliver better muscle pumps while you workout without any of the increased energy that you get from the regular Nitraflex.

Nitraflex Pump features a pretty robust combination of pump enhancing ingredients packed into a maximum two-scoop serving weighing in at 14.2g. Just like GAT’s other Nitraflex spin-off, the recently released Nitraflex Burn, the Nitraflex Pump formula is fully transparent.

nitraflex pump

You can see the full mix of ingredients in GAT’s still upcoming Nitraflex Pump in the facts panel above. It brings together 4g of pure citrulline, a gram of beta-alanine, 2g each of taurine and HydroMax, 200mg of pine bark, half a gram of agmatine, and 150mg each of norvaline and calcium fructoborate.

GAT Sports has yet to officially launch its stimulant-free and stackable Nitraflex Pump, but is expected to sometime soon. The pump pre-workout will be available in the one 20 maximum serving tub with two flavor options to choose from in Fruit Punch and Watermelon.