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Advanced brain formula Focus Freak joins the FreakMode Series

focus freak

In August of last year, PharmaFreak introduced its more advanced line of supplements with the FreakMode Series. The Canadian based brand has now expanded on the line once again, taking it from a total of four different products up to five with the all-new Focus Freak.

PharmaFreak Focus Freak is an advanced brain supplement designed to deliver laser-sharp focus, mental energy, and stress reduction. It features a pretty lengthy list of ingredients including the premium and patented Zembrin sceletium tortuosum, which is clinically proven to enhance concentration.

pharmafreak focus freak

You can see the fully transparent formula behind PharmaFreak Focus Freak in the label above, listing the exact doses of each of its many ingredients. The focus enhancing product includes highlights such as 150mg of bacopa monnieri, 102mg of natural caffeine, and Asian, American, and Siberian Ginseng.

The latest PharmaFreak supplement and the fifth member of its FreakMode Series is now out and available for purchase in Canada. The major retailer Supplement Source is one of the first places stocking Focus Freak at a price of $49.95 per bottle or as low as $39.96 (30.84 USD) if you spend over $249.