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Superior Protein muscle building edition separated by PharmaGABA

superior protein

Olympus Labs has shared a little more information on the protein powder it plans on launching sometime soon called Superior Protein. The brand hasn’t shared its label or anything just yet, but has confirmed what the primary separator is between the regular and muscle building versions of the product.

Visually, the way to tell Olympus Labs two Superior Proteins apart is that the muscle building edition has a silver tag just below its lid. As for internally, the supplements feature the same protein sources as well as the branded compound Velositol that’s included to boost muscle protein synthesis.

The only difference in the formulas is that the muscle building Superior Protein also has PharmaGABA in the mix, a branded form of GABA. The premium ingredient has shown that when consumed in combination with whey protein it increases growth hormone levels as well as overall muscle mass.

The rest of the details for Olympus Labs Superior Protein are due to be released within the next few days. That’ll include the full list of ingredients in the product, its nutrition profile, and all five of its creative flavors that are said to have real cereal pieces right in the powder.