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BMR-4 swaps in acetyl-l-carnitine for an added mental boost


Jerry Ward has just updated the second GIFD Labs supplement he introduced earlier this year, giving it a slight formula change. The product being reformulated is the brand’s stimulant free fat burner BMR-4, designed to help burn more calories at rest and stop your metabolism from crashing while dieting.

The one change GIFD Labs has made to BMR-4 is with its form of carnitine. The original version featured regular l-carnitine at an unknown amount due to it being in a blend, which has now been replaced by acetyl-l-carnitine.


The brand says it made the swap as acetyl-l-carnitine can help give you a mental boost as well as provide support for transporting fat. There is also no change to the weight of the non-transparent blend in BMR-4, with its four ingredients still sitting a total of 3.725g per serving.

Jerry Ward and GIFD Labs’ reformulated BMR-4 is now in stock and available for purchase from The brand has maintained the price of its fat burner as well with a single bottle still costing you $38.99 or $70.15 when buying in sets of two.