Long-running MAN Sports pre-workout Game Day is making a return

man sports game day

It has been quite a while since MAN Sports has launched an entirely new supplement, in fact, the last one we saw from the brand was Water Drop from eight months ago. We can now confirm the brand is gearing up for the release of a product fans won’t want to miss.

A very small, but readable picture has surfaced of MAN Sports’ lineup of supplements. At first, nothing looks too out of place, then on a second glance, you can spot a product the brand doesn’t currently have available. That product is an all-new version of MAN Sports’ almost legendary pre-workout Game Day.

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of different versions of Game Day, all of which have been incredibly impressive pre-workouts. The new version that’s been spotted looks a lot bigger than its predecessors, suggesting it’ll have a bulky formula and may include some heavier ingredients such as citrulline and beta-alanine.

While we do have very little information to go off right now for the return of MAN Sports Game Day, we are extremely excited. As mentioned, the brand has delivered great experiences over the years with its various versions of Game Day, so we can’t help but have high expectations for the latest edition.