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Cellucor’s naturally colored and flavored C4 gets put into regular tub sizes

c4 wild fruit blast natural

Last year we were introduced to a naturally colored and flavored version of Cellucor’s popular C4 pre-workout with the Wild Fruit Blast flavor. It was launched in a massive 90 serving tub size and exclusive to the wholesale retailer Costco, however, the product has now been expanded on.

Cellucor’s naturally colored and flavored Wild Fruit Blast C4, is no longer exclusive to Costco and has been produced in the regular C4 tub sizes of 30 and 60 servings. The all-natural pre-workout’s new size options are both due to be available from a variety of supplement retailers.

It is also worth mentioning that as we posted about a few months ago, the original 90 serving Wild Fruit Blast C4 can be found outside of Costco as well. One of the places you can go to get that product is A1 Supplements, who actually currently has it on sale at $69.99 for two 90 servings tubs.

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