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Costco exclusive C4 Original naturally flavored with 90 servings

Costco C4 Original

If you’re a fan of Cellucor’s regular pre-workout solution C4 Original, and also like to try all of the various flavors it has out on the market. You might want to head to Costco if you haven’t already, as the wholesale store currently has a special C4 Original available that you won’t find anywhere else.

The most obvious difference with the Costco exclusive C4 Original is that it comes in a well-presented box with a free custom SmartShaker. That box is also relatively large, as the tub of C4 inside packs a whopping 90 servings, three times the amount you get in the standard 30 serving C4.

The last difference with the C4 Original now available at Costco, is that it comes in a special flavor called Wild Fruit Punch. The reason for its slightly different name compared to the regular Fruit Punch C4 is because it uses natural flavors and colors, unlike all of the other C4 Originals.