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Ambrosia Planta seems very similar to HPN’s Pro Zero plant protein

ambrosia planta

The Ambrosia Collective, a company from the minds of Marc Lobliner, Mike Rashid, and Sean Torbati, has introduced its all-new Planta. The supplement that Lobliner claimed to be “something truly remarkable” has turned out to be a vegan-friendly, plant-based protein powder.

The latest Ambrosia innovation is said to provide 20g of protein in each of its 25 servings with organic brown rice and pea as its protein sources. Planta also apparently has a whole bunch of added vitamins and minerals, as well as SunBCAA branded BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio.

If the above product sounds at all familiar, that’s because it is very similar to Sean Torbari’s plant protein Pro Zero from his brand HPN. Just like Pro Zero, Planta features rice and pea proteins, added vitamins, and SunBCAAs, and actually has almost the same description on Ambrosia’s website as Pro Zero has at

If you head Ambrosia’s official online store today you’ll find Planta now in stock and available for purchase. The price on a full 25 serving tub is $49.99 with three flavors to choose from in Cacao, Madagascar Vanilla, and Banana Maple French Toast, which is a unique flavor HPN’s Pro Zero is also available in.