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REPP Sports teases what looks like a Blue Ice Raze Energy

blue raze energy

After being on the market for just under two months, REPP Sports has announced that its energy drink Raze Energy, is getting another flavor. The delicious drink currently comes in four options with Watermelon Frost, Strawberry Colada, and our two favorites, Guava Mango and Sour Gummy Worms.

At the moment REPP Sports is only teasing the coming of its next Raze Energy flavor with a mysterious image, which keeps its name under wraps. The brand’s teaser image does feature the color blue, hinting at some sort of blue raspberry recipe likely to have an edgy name like Blue Ice or even Blue Magic.

By the sounds of things, REPP Sports does also plan on launching its first new Raze Energy flavor sometime soon. Whatever the product turns out to be we’ll definitely be looking to give it a try as after reviewing all four of the originals, we can tell you it’s a drink that doesn’t disappoint.