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Cotton Candy Krunch Protein Popcorn limited edition and exclusive

cotton candy protein popcorn

Icon Meals, the company behind the delicious and calorie dense Protein Popcorn, has introduced a new flavor for its top tasting product. You will want to be quick if you like the sound of the flavor as well as, as it is a limited edition release and is not going to be around forever.

The new option Icon Meals has put together for its enjoyable Protein Popcorn is the sweet sounding Cotton Candy Krunch. On top of the product being a limited edition time release, it is also actually an exclusive and is only available for purchase from a couple of locations.

Icon Meals’ new Cotton Candy Krunch Protein Popcorn can be purchased online through its own website at where it has just 500 bags available. The one other way to get your hands on the product is from shelves at your local GNC retailer.

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