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Fitmark is releasing five new Shield colorways in November

fitmark shield

Fitmark has put together a bunch of new colorways for its high-quality and reliable meal management bag, The Shield. There is a total of five new options, all of which are being produced for its regular Shield, and the larger five meal container Shield LG.

All of the Fitmark colorways feature just the one main color, unlike other releases where we’ve seen patterns and as many as three colors in the one design. The new Shield options are River Blue, Atlantic Deep, the bright teal bag Cockatoo, Blue Iris, and Olive Branch.

While the five colorways won’t be in stock until next month, you can now pre-order all of them through Fitmark’s website. The new releases will cost you the usual Shield prices with the regular three meal container option at $79.99 and the larger Shield LG at $99.99.

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