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Got7 Nutrition’s unique new Sirup is a bottle of concentrated flavor

got7 sirup

Our favorite functional food company Got7 Nutrition is at it again, with the release of another creative product. The latest from the innovative German supplement brand is a concentrated, sugar-free liquid drink mix that’s been given the very fitting name, Sirup.

The idea behind Got7 Nutrition’s all-new Sirup is that you pour out one serving then mix it with 11 times as much water. The result is a flavored beverage that tastes like either of the product’s two flavors, Raspberry or Black Currant, and it has absolutely zero calories.

According to Got7 Nutrition, a full bottle of Sirup comes with a total of 45 servings, which is said to be enough to make nine liters of flavored beverage. The brand’s new release is now available from its German website at €2.99 per bottle or €17.50 for a pack of six.