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Reformulated Elim1nate hits Strong Supplement Shop for $19.47 per bottle


Following on from last week’s complete unveiling, Olympus Labs has made its updated muscle building supplement Elim1nate available for purchase. Just like the brand’s Velositol enhanced Superior Protein, Elim1nate has launched exclusively through a specific supplement retailer.

Olympus Labs fans will need to head on over to Strong Supplement Shop if they want to get their hands on the new Elim1nate. For those that are interested, you’ll also want to make you purchase the product before midnight Pacific Time this coming Thursday.

The reason we say to order before that time is because until then you can use the coupon “ELIM1NATE35” and save 35% on the latest Olympus Labs supplement. The discount drops Elim1nate down from its usual Strong Supplement Shop price of $29.95 to just $19.47.