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Olympus Labs reveals the formula for its updated Elim1nate

olympus labs elim1nate

Olympus Labs has shared everything you need to know about the new version of its estrogen management supplement that’s due to release very soon. The updated product makes a lot of the same promises as its predecessor; however, instead of only featuring the one ingredient, the new Elim1nate doubles up with two.

The reformulated Elim1nate from Olympus Labs promotes a number of effects on its bottle, all of which make the supplement sound quite promising. The product has been designed to promote lean mass, increased strength, muscle building, and healthy cortisol, testosterone, and estrogen levels.

As for the ingredients, Olympus Labs has packed into its all-new Elim1nate; as mentioned there is a total of two. Inside each of the supplement’s 120 capsules is 25mg of pine bark (95% proanthocyanidins) and 100mg of the trademarked compound Elimistane luteolin from orange extract.

olympus labs elim1nate

The star of the updated Olympus Labs Elim1nate appears to be the Elimistane luteolin. The brand itself says it has been shown to potentially inhibit aromatase in human cells — the key to converting testosterone into estrogen — as well as possess the ability to activate browning of fat cells and thermogenesis.

According to Olympus Labs, its reformulated Elim1nate will indeed be releasing very soon, with its arrival date currently set for this coming Monday. The estrogen management product is due to be available on that day over at Strong Supplement Shop, where it is not in stock yet, but is listed with a price of $29.95.