‘Merica Labz fat burner Uncle Bam is here and with free ‘Merica Energy

Oct 16th, 2018
merica labz uncle bam launch

‘Merica Labz all-new thermogenic enhancing fat burner Uncle Bam, is now available for purchase directly from the brand itself. It was just last week that ‘Merica completely unveiled the supplement, confirming its eight transparently dosed ingredients which include the likes of Dynamine, acetyl-l-carnitine, and berberine.

As per usual, the latest ‘Merica Labz product has been introduced with a couple of introductory deals. For a limited time at mericalabz.com you can get full-size, 56 serving bottles of Uncle Bam for $39.99 each, and if you purchase two, you’ll get a free five can sample pack of the delicious ‘Merica Energy.