Not Your Granny’s Apple joining the menus of both ‘Merica pre-workouts

Oct 23rd, 2018
merica labz not your grannys apple

Next week on Monday ‘Merica Labz is going to be treating fans of its stackable pre-workout supplements, to an all-new flavor. At the moment the brand’s stimulant pre-workout Red, White & Boom and pump formula Stars ‘N Pipes, come in the same four options.

In just under one week’s time, ‘Merica Labz will be adding flavor number five to both Red, White & Boom and Stars ‘N Pipes. That flavor is going to be the apple recipe Not Your Granny’s Apple, which was first introduced with the delicious ‘Merica Energy drink.

As mentioned, ‘Merica Labz will be launching Not Your Granny’s Apple for Red, White & Boom and Stars ‘N Pipes, next week on Monday. Knowing the brand, there is a good chance the products will be released with some sort of introductory deal like with Uncle Bam last week.