The Rock takes you behind the Olympia for a second time

Oct 19th, 2018
seven bucks behind the olympia

Before the 2018 Olympia contest came around, it was announced that The Rock’s Seven Bucks Digital Studios would be bringing us yet another behind scenes look at the contest. Earlier this month the company delivered on that promise and released a well put together video going over everything that happened.

Just like the Seven Bucks behind the scenes video for the 2017 Olympia contest, the 2018 one basically goes over what went down in each of the competition’s bodybuilding categories. It includes stories from a number of the competitors, highlights from times during the show, then of course the results.

The Seven Bucks Digital Studios behind the scenes video for the 2018 Olympia actually runs a little longer than the last one at just short of 20 minutes. You can catch the video over on The Rock’s own YouTube channel, or for your convenience, we’ve embedded the quality production directly above.

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