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Enrage Extreme released in a limited edition Snow Cone flavor

snow cone enrage extreme

eFlow Nutrition’s more intense DMHA infused pre-workout supplement Enrage Extreme, is now available in another flavor. The brand has put together a creative new option for the product, however, unlike the other flavors on its menu; this one is only going to be available for a limited time.

The latest release from eFlow Nutrition is a limited edition Snow Cone Enrage Extreme that also features an alternative, snow cone themed label. The supplement does, of course, come with the same combination of ingredients including 150mg of DMHA, half a gram of agmatine, and 350mg of caffeine.

The place to go to get your hands on Enrage Extreme in its new, bright and colorful Snow Cone flavor is eFlow Nutrition’s online store. It is now in stock there for $44.99 per 30 serving tub, and do keep in mind it is a limited edition release, so once it’s gone, it’s gone.