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VMI Sports launches two slightly different ketogenic supplements

vmi sports ketogenic

After working on them for almost a year, VMI Sports has launched its first two ketogenic supplements. The products are Ketogenic Pre-Workout and Keto BHB, and are actually very similar with only a few things really separating them from one another.

Both of VMI Sports new supplements feature 6g of goBHB ketones per serving for energy and ketogenic diet support. The products both also have a handful of TRAACS electrolytes and minerals to help improve hydration and recovery, and 300mg of tyrosine for enhanced cognitive function.

Where VMI Sports’ Ketogenic Pre-Workout and Keto BHB separate themselves, is that the ketones, electrolytes, and tyrosine is all that there is to Keto BHB. As for Ketogenic Pre-Workout, that has an extra 100mg of caffeine (robusta coffee beans) for energy and 50mg of alpha-GPC for mental focus.

vmi sports ketogenic

Basically, the difference between Ketogenic Pre-Workout (label above) and Keto BHB are that one has extra ingredients for energy and focus. Keto BHB is essentially a stimulant free version of Ketogenic Pre-Workout, in fact, “Stim Free” is one of the highlights you can see on the front of its tub.

For those interested in trying the new ketogenic supplements from VMI Sports, they’re both now available over on its website. Ketogenic Pre-Workout will cost you $49.99 while Keto BHB is slightly cheaper at $45.99, with both products having the same two flavors in Strawberry Savers and Pink Lemonade.