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4+ Nutrition makes its two Christmas products with Santa Claus Cream

santa claus cream

Last week we shared details on a new product named Xmas Cookies Cream that the Italian company 4+ Nutrition has put together specifically for the holidays. We can now confirm the brand does, in fact, have a second Christmas creation that’s also a spread with Santa Claus Cream.

4+ Nutrition’s Santa Claus Cream is a protein enriched peanut butter that features a sweet a Christmas themed flavor. The brand’s protein spread is made with Italian hazelnuts and has a nutrition profile per 100g of 24g of protein, 28g of carbohydrates, 47g of fat, for a heavy total of 631 calories.

Just like Xmas Cookies Cream, 4+ Nutrition’s Santa Claus Cream is a limited time release that’s been put together specifically for the holiday season. Both of the Christmas themed products are due to be available for purchase from the brand’s retailers soon, if not already.