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Black Magic Supply unveils its DMHA powered pre-workout BZRK

black magic bzrk

Black Magic Supply is a new spin-off supplement company that’s been described as the darker side of the Myoblox crew. The brand has just shared a first look at one of the two products it plans on launching very soon, introducing the pre-workout supplement BZRK.

Looking at the formula behind Black Magic’s BZRK, it looks like the product is aiming for an all-around pre-workout experience. It features ingredients to deliver a variety of effects including increased energy, enhanced mental focus, and improved muscle pumps.

Much like the MyoBlox pre-workout Loco, the formula behind BZRK is both transparent and non-transparent. Of its 12 different ingredients, four of them are listed individually with their exact doses in GlycerPump glycerol and betaine at 2.5g each, 3.2g of Beta-O beta-alanine, and 7g of citrulline malate (2:1).

black magic bzrk

The rest of the ingredients in Black Magic’s BZRK pre-workout are all wrapped up in a 1.675g proprietary blend. That blend includes tyrosine, caffeine dosed at 350mg, the powerful stimulant DMHA, kola nut, n-methyltyramine, higenamine, the branded focus enhancer NeuroFactor, and huperzine A.

Black Magic is currently planning to launch its BZRK pre-workout to retailers sometime next week along with its other supplement, the amino formula Keyz. BZRK will be starting out with four 25 serving flavor options in Crystal Blue Popsicle, Lemonraz Icy, Mango Sunrise, and Peach Rings.