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Everything you know about Buff Bake is apparently about to change

buff bake rebrand

Buff Bake has dropped an interesting teaser today for what we’re very certain is a rebrand for the creative and delicious functional food company. Buff Bake’s teaser doesn’t exactly reveal everything, however, the small pieces it does include are what point us in the direction of a rebrand.

In the image above, you can see corners of some of Buff Bake’s products such as its Protein Cookies and Protein Sandwich Cookies. The fractions of those products don’t look anything like what we’re used to seeing from the brand, as they appear to feature a much whiter, more minimalist design.

Along with today’s teaser, Buff Bake has also said “Everything you think you know about Buff Bake is about to change”. To us, that sounds like we’re likely in for more than just a new look from the brand, which is all due to be revealed in only a few days’ time, next week on Tuesday.

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