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The Dough Bar names its four delicious Cake Doughnut flavors

This week the protein doughnut company The Dough Bar, introduced a delicious new product that we will have to get our hands on at some point. The release is called the Cake Doughnut, which is kind of like its original raised doughnut but with a more soft and cakey texture to it.

In just two days’ time, The Dough Bar will be making its new Cake Doughnut available for purchase through its website. To get fans even more excited about the launch the brand has announced the sweet sounding flavors the cakey protein doughnut will be releasing in.

There is going to be a total of four flavors for The Dough Bar’s Cake Doughnut. The options are Birthday Cake with rainbow sprinkles, Reese’s featuring chocolate chips, Red Velvet with yogurt chips, and lastly, Dulce De Leche featuring delicious Heath Bar bits.

As mentioned, The Dough Bar will be adding its new Cake Doughnut to its website this coming Monday. The brand has said there is only going to be a limited amount of the product available to order, so those interested will want to make sure they get in early.

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