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Inspired is releasing a new and improved LGND early next year

inspired lgnd

Inspired’s strength building, hardening, and recovery supplement LGND, has been out on the market for over two years. It was launched back in early 2018 and has maintained its original formula with Aquamin electrolytes, KSM-66 ashwagandha, epicatechin, Cocoabuterol, and AstraGin.

It has now been announced that sometime over the next couple of months, Inspired plans on reformulating LGND. The multi-effect product is going to be given a new and improved combination of ingredients, with none of its features or doses confirmed just yet.

While we don’t know all that much about Inspired’s new version of LGND, based on our experience with the original we can’t help but trust the brand will deliver. As mentioned, the supplement is due to release in roughly two months’ time, which puts it out and available somewhere in December.

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