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Nitro-Tech ISO Whey purer than any other whey protein on the market

Muscletech has unveiled a new addition to its long-running family of Nitro-Tech protein powders. The latest supplement for the brand’s already large line of proteins is Nitro-Tech ISO Whey, and it is quite an exciting innovation being the purest whey protein on the market.

Nutrition profile

Nitro-Tech ISO Whey is powered by the incredibly pure BiPro 97% whey protein isolate, which gives it the leanest nutrition profile we’ve ever seen. A single serving of the product provides 25g of protein, zero fat, less than a gram of carbohydrates, zero sugar, and a calorie count of just 100.

As mentioned, Muscletech’s Nitro-Tech ISO Whey has the leanest mix of macros we’ve seen on a protein powder, in fact, it can’t really get any better. Protein itself comes with four calories per gram, so with ISO Whey packing 25g of protein for 100 calories, the latter can’t be dropped any further.

nitro-tech iso whey

Added enzymes

Alongside the ultra-pure BiPro whey protein isolate in Nitro-Tech ISO Whey, Muscletech has included the digestive enzyme blend ProHydrolase. The branded feature combines protease and bromelain and has been clinically shown to increase amino acid absorption by an average of 20%.

Flavors and sizes

Muscletech will be launching Nitro-Tech ISO Whey in two tub sizes and two flavors options. The sizes are a 28/29 serving 1.8lb and a much larger 5lb tub, with the two tastes being Milk Chocolate and Vanilla, which will both be available for each of the two sizes.


According to Muscletech, Nitro-Tech ISO Whey is due to hit shelves in roughly two to three weeks’ time. The supplement is also going to be very competitively priced with the smaller 1.8lb set to retail at $29.99 and the 5lb at a 16% more cost-effective price of $69.99.