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Final trailer for Generation Iron 3 comes with pre-order and release date

generation iron 3

The Generation Iron Fitness Network has dropped the final trailer for the third entry into its series of Generation Iron bodybuilding films. The video features a few shots and sequences we hadn’t seen before for the upcoming bodybuilding documentary as well as some new interviews.

Generation Iron 3 is said to provide a larger, more international look at the sport of bodybuilding, which is made quite clear in the trailers it’s released. The latest promotional clip for the film is actually a bit more exciting than the others as it has brought with it official launch details.

It has been confirmed that Generation Iron 3 is going to be available worldwide on Friday the 7th of December. Fitness fans will be able to watch the bodybuilding documentary on a variety of streaming platforms including Vimeo, the iTunes Store, Google Play, and Amazon Instant Video.

Generation Iron 3 is also available for pre-order starting today through Vimeo and on DVD through the Generation Iron store. The cost of pre-ordering from Vimeo for stream and download is $18.99, which is what we just did, while the DVD is priced a little higher at $24.99.

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