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Swft Stims launches a not so stimulating phenibut only supplement

swft stims phenibut

The team over at Swft Stims has dropped another new supplement this week that once again features the one and only ingredient. The brand’s latest product is also quite a bit different from the majority of its other “Stim” type supplements as it’s mostly about calmness and restful sleep.

The newest Swft Stims product is Phenibut which features half a gram of phenibut in each of its 60 capsules. The ingredient is usually found in sleep support supplements, with Swft Stims promoting its new release for calm and peaceful sleep as well as support for stress and anxiety.

As we’ve seen Swft Stims do on several occasions, the new Phenibut has been launched at A1 Supplements with a solid introductory deal. For a limited time instead of paying the product’s usual price of $32.99, you can get two bottles for the price of one, which works out to only $16.49 each.

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