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Muscletech’s 64oz protein RTD is now available from Amazon for $9.99

muscletech premium protein shake

Muscletech’s Premium 100% Protein Shake is a rather unique ready-to-drink protein supplement that essentially comes with six shakes in one. A full carton of the product has a volume of 64oz and provides six servings of 32g of protein, a gram of fat, 3g of carbohydrates, and a total of 150 calories.

The Premium 100% Protein Shake is now on the market and available for purchase from retailers. Some of the places you can grab the supplement from include Muscletech’s own online store where you can purchase a carton for $14.99 each, or if you’d prefer to buy bulk you can get four for $39.99.

Another major place to visit to get Muscletech’s Premium 100% Protein Shake is the online giant Amazon. Through there you can grab the six serving protein shake for $9.99 each although Amazon does class it as an “Add-on item”, so it needs to be ordered with over $25 of products shipped by

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