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Atlhetica Nutrition unveils X Pre-Workout, its next generation pre-workout

atlhetica x pre-workout

The Brazilian supplement company Atlhetica Nutrition has introduced a new pre-workout that is quite complex considering the country’s regulations. The brand has named the product X Pre-Workout, which brings together a variety of ingredients to provide a well-rounded experience.

The heavier features packed into Atlhetica Nutrition’s new X Pre-Workout include a gram of arginine, half a gram of taurine, and 3g of creatine. The pre-workout supplement’s slightly lighter ingredients are 10mg of CoQ10, Palatinose, FruitFlow, and 200mg of the reliable stimulant, caffeine.

X Pre-Workout is not yet available in Atlhetica Nutrition’s local Brazilian market but is expected to be dropping there sometime soon. A full-size tub of the product will provide the usual total of 30 servings with three flavors to choose from in Pink Lemonade, Blue Ice, and Citrus Punch.