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Not4Pussy brand unveils its daily vitamin and mineral formula Vitaminizer


Generally when we talk about news from the German supplement company BPS Pharma, it has to do with the pre-workout category and its Not4Pussy family of products. This week we’ve got an announcement from the brand that actually involves a very different area of the industry.

BPS Pharma has unveiled its next entry into its Hard-L3v3l S3ri3s that previously only consisted of the zinc supplement Zinc 75ers. The product the brand has confirmed as coming soon is Vitaminizer, which is a formula designed to cover all of your vitamin and mineral needs.

A single serving of BPS Pharma’s Vitaminizer comes in a convenient sachet that is recommended to be taken once per day. More information on the multi-vitamin powder supplement is said to be along sometime soon with the official launch of Vitaminizer also said to be coming very soon.