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WG Nutrition delivers another loaded product with its amino Endura-Vol


WG Nutrition made a lot of noise earlier this year when it unveiled its loaded and incredibly well-dosed, stimulant-free pre-workout, Syner-Vol. Last month the reputable brand announced that it is getting ready to release an amino formula which we’ve now got a full look at, and it is just as solid as Syner-Vol.

What is it

Endura-Vol is WG Nutrition’s packed out amino supplement that features over 15g of amino acids per serving. The brand has designed Endura-Vol to help with your workouts by offsetting fatigue as well as encourage muscle protein synthesis to improve muscle recovery.


As mentioned, Endura-Vol is a loaded product, so if you’re a fan of amino formulas, you’re going to appreciate what WG Nutrition has done with this one. All together the supplement comes with a massive 21g of active ingredients which is truly impressive for this type of product.


The heaviest features in Endura-Vol are its 5g doses of 2:1:1 ratio BCAAs as well as the branded Amino9 EAA blend. Following on from that the supplement has three lots of PepForm with 3g of PepForm BCAAs peptides, 2g of PepForm citrulline peptides, and another 3g of PepForm Fatigue Fighter Peptides which are peptides isolated from whey.

The only other features in WG Nutrition’s hefty Endura-Vol formula is a gram of Carnipure branded carnitine and 2g of the only non-branded ingredient in the product with taurine. As you can see, WG Nutrition has once again put together a solid supplement that will likely please fans of amino formulas, especially those that look for huge doses.

Coming soon

WG Nutrition has confirmed that Endura-Vol is currently in production and is expected to be ready for release in just a few weeks’ time. The product will be available in the one Berry Limeade Blast flavor option with the usual amount of servings per tub at 30.