Ghost Amino is being revamped for 2019 with vegan-friendly aminos

ghost amino v2

Ghost has announced that sometime next year it is launching a revamped version of one of its first-ever supplements, the well put together Ghost Amino. The product is still going to be all about aminos and hydration however the reformulation will feature an all-new combination of ingredients.

Ghost Amino V2 will be a 40 serving supplement, or 20 maximum serving for those that want the bigger doses. The formula will include a hefty 10g of essential amino acids with 4.5g of those being BCAAs at a 4:1:1 ratio and 5.5g EAAs. Also in the mix is taurine, coconut water, Aquamin, and the absorption enhancer AstraGin.

ghost amino v2

Ghost does plan on introducing Ghost Amino V2 in a few new flavors with Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch being the only ones confirmed so far. The product is going to be vegan-friendly as well, as all of its aminos will be vegan fermented, which is fitting since Ghost has the best tasting vegan protein on the market.

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