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HPN welcomes NAD3 its next evolution in NAD+ supplementation

hpn nad3

Just as it confirmed back when ChromaDex agreed to purchase its division responsible for Niagen, this month HPN has introduced its next evolution in anti-aging. The latest creation from the innovative company is NAD3 which is powered by a non-transparent, proprietary blend of three main ingredients.

HPN NAD3 has been shown to increase NAD+ levels to boost natural energy, inhibit the cause of inflammation, and activate sirtuins to keep you feeling young. It provides all of these benefits from a mix of three ingredients with wasabia japonica, theacrine, and cuprous niacin, which all combine for a total of 311mg per serving.

hpn nad3

There are a number of purchase options available for HPN’s latest anti-aging innovation including a convenient trial size as well as a larger cost-effective bottle. The brand itself says the typical user experiences changes in energy as early as the first five days of use and the full effect of NAD3 in around two months’ time.

The smallest purchase option HPN has available on its website for NAD3 is a 15 days supply for $21, which is more than enough to possibly experience that change in energy the brand mentions. Its other two options are a 30 days supply for $30, and the most cost-effective size, a 120 capsule, 60 days supply for $58.