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iWon partners with Tapatio Hot Sauce for two authentic flavors

iwon organics tapatio protein puffs

The innovative team over at iWon Organics has put together a special flavor creation for its delicious plant-based Protein Chips and enjoyable Protein Puffs. The reason the flavor is so special is that the brand has put it together in collaboration with the Tapatio Hot Sauce company.

iWon Organics has collaborated with the brand to create a Tapatio Hot Sauce flavor for its Protein Chips and a Tapatio Limon flavor for its Protein Puffs. Based on how much we enjoyed the original options for each product, we have to image iWon’s Tapatio collaborations also deliver on taste.

Both the Tapatio Protein Chips and Tapatio Limon Protein Puffs have been out for a number of weeks now. Because of that, you can find the two authentic protein snack flavors in a handful of places including Amazon, the supplement retailer GNC, and iWon’s own website.