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Limitless Supps Multi-V available in similar men’s and women’s versions

limitless supps multi-v

Following on from last month’s release of its weight loss infused amino supplement BCAA Burn, Limitless Supps has introduced two surprisingly similar vitamin formulas. Both products are named Multi-V and according to the brand, the difference between the two is that one’s intended for men and the other for women.

The Limitless Supps Multi-Vs are designed to be high-performance supplements for vitamin and mineral replenishment, as well as bone, eye and immune health. Strangely enough, the products each feature a different order of ingredients on their labels, including some different names for blends; however, they do have all of the same ingredients at almost all of the same doses.

limitless supps multi-v

Both of Limitless Supps’ new Multi-Vs have over 30 different ingredients including B vitamins, CoQ10, saw palmetto, chromium, and zinc. The only differences we can see formula wise are that the women’s version has twice as much tomato extract at 10mg per serving and significantly less selenium at 35mcg instead of 200mcg, with everything else between the supplements being the same.

Limitless Supps has made both of its multi-vitamin products available for purchase directly from its own online store at Not too surprising considering they have almost identical formulas, the price on the men’s and women’s Multi-Vs is exactly the same at $19.99 each with the usual 30 servings per bottle.