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Nutrex teases a possible Mango Strawberry Margarita flavor for Outlift

mango strawberry margarita outlift

Nutrex is currently getting ready to add another flavor option to its clinically dosed pre-workout supplement, Outlift. To make things a little more fun the brand hasn’t revealed what the name of the new flavor actually is, instead it is asking fans to take a guess.

According to Nutrex, its upcoming flavor of Outlift is either Strawberry Lemonade, Sour Watermelon Candy, Blood Orange, or Mango Strawberry Margarita. Our guess is a Mango Strawberry Margarita Outlift purely because the teaser image the brand has shared hints at a two taste, cocktail recipe.

We’re not sure when Nutrex plans on revealing or releasing its possible Mango Strawberry Margarita Outlift, although we have to assume it’s coming soon seeing as the brand is giving it a bit of hype.

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